Design 202 - Pratt, 2010 / Critic: Lawrence Blough. Kindergarten;Staten Island, NY

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1, 2, and 3 correspond to the following renders above.

An assemblage of programmatic requirements.  The classroom is an implicit space, shown in the foreground; towards the background are the cubby spaces, one for each child.  The reduction of rooms into a series of planar surfaces creates different scaled spaces, of two main types: the first are more ergonomic for children, and the second are more tailored for adults.  The teacher plays the role of a watchful guardian and preacher while children are given the comfort of their own territory, which cannot be comfortably occupied by an adult.

Assemblage, viewed from opposite angle.

The logic of the grain.


without roofs.

Grainy Interior2.png

View from Carrol St.  (north/eastern facades)